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I just finished writing up this entry for hp_costuming and thought I'd share here.

So I FINally got my DH release photos off my camera (I had been lazy) and I have some great ones to share!!

My mom helped me make a Hufflepuff robe, and I must say I am thrilled with the way it turned out. it took us forever and was a lot of hard work, but very worth it! :D I have a few photos of that to share, and many of other peoples' awesome costumes!

Here's pictures from the release at Barnes and Noble that night, and some of my thoughts.

First, pictures at home before I left.

Love the statue of Liberty poster beside me. :) thought you guys would like the juxtaposition of the magic world and Muggle US world. :D

me pointing my wand.

I traveled to the bookstore as a Muggle, in a car. :) not a ford anglia though.

Augusta Longbottom!!!! I died. hat with stuffed vulture, fox-fur scarf, and red handbag!!!! SO AWESOME.

Augusta Longbottom with her kid. Neville? maybe another kid.

a formidable-looking Death Eater!!! her mask was especially awesome.

my camera was lame though.

Professor Trelawney!

They had really decked out the store for the event. the Customer Service desk was now "Wizard Services". they had an amazing Herbology display!

complete with mandrake!!!! how cool is that.

and again close up cuz it was just that cool.

Cornish Pixie!

here's me in the picture display thing. note the Monster Book of Monsters to my left!!!

Arthur Weasley! I thought this was brilliant. he even looks kind of like a younger version of the actor who plays Mr. Weasley in the movies!!

Bellatrix, Lucius, and some kids too. I loved them, especially Bella's costume! it was awesome.

and dueling with Tonks!!!

this lady rang up my copy of DH! I loved her costume and she said if I was SUPER quick I could get a pic. sweet costume!!

K this really was my favorite costume out of all that I saw that night. Fluffy! the boy's mom had made it for him. I thought it was brilliant. :D

there were also a group of people (about 6 of them) with baseball shirts that said "Dumbledore's Army" on the front and the back, each one of them had either "Nitwit," "Blubber," "Oddment," or "Tweak" on it. I loved that.

I adored being there, and relished and also slightly mourned the fact that there would never again be a midnight book release for a new Harry Potter book (until Hogwarts, a History. :D). As I walked around the store looking for answers to my scavenger hunt clues, I heard snatches of conversation: one girl saying to the other, "have you been sorted yet?" (an enthusiastic, jolly Barnes and Noble employee was walking around with a big hat full of different papers, each with Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin on it and "sorting" people) and in line to buy some water (I was SO hot and thirsty!) I got into a discussion with some other people about how we suspected Snape loved Lily.

even thinking about it I am almost overcome with emotion. There was no such thing as midnight book release parties before JKR wrote our beloved series. I love that she has gotten so many kids hooked on reading. I think that is so awesome. and I loved the magic that was in the air, people dressed in flowing robes, sparkly hats, and kids wandering around that were utterly excited. the cafe in the middle of the store sold cupcakes with gummy worms on them that were called "Flobberworm Cakes" and various hot drinks such as Butterbeer, Amortentia, and other magical concoctions.

I hadn't preordered so I and the others who had a bracelet, but had not preordered, had to line up outside when it got to be 11:15 because there were too many people for the fire safety rule, haha. it felt good outside though. As we waited and waited, we got more and more excited. FINally the line started to move and soon the very first customer walked out of the bookstore. We could see the peach glow of the Seventh and final Harry Potter book in his arms. He held it up and we all cheered like the elves cheer in The Polar Express when the kid gets the first gift of Christmas.

It was an amazing experience. I am thrilled that I have been part of this excitement. years from now we will be able to look back and say "we were there."
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